Martin Luther King, Jr.: Dreaming a Reality

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Thesis:Martin Luther King was a leader that was born in a segregated world but was determine to change it so everyone live in a equal nation. And he did this by his words and action that don’t need any bloodshed. He used brain over bronze to accomplish what he set out to do.Martin Luther King jr. was as born as a middle child in Atlanta Georgia in January 15th 1929 into a family which was actively involved in the civil right movement. Martin father and grandfather was lead preacher at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Martin Luther King mother was a teacher and thought him how to read, she also try to taught Martin about prejudice and the Jim Crow law that separated Black and White .Martin father was preacher , and was strong Blackman who help black get job and black teacher that same pay as white teacher. Martin got married to Coretta Scott in Alabama in June 18, 1953. Martin Luther King Jr. had four children Yolanda Denise, Martin Luther III, Dexter Scott, and Bernice Albertine. Martin Luther King began his education at Yong Street Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia he attended Booker-T Washington High and later on graduated and went to Morehouse College with a scholarship from his high because he got an high school entrance examination he even skip ninth and twelve

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grade he entered at age fifteen. He graduated collage with a Bachelor of Divinity in sociology King then began doctoral studies in systematic theology at Boston University and received his Doctor of Philosophy on June 5, 1955. Martin inspiration was a civil rights leader, theologian, and educator Howard Thurman who was actually Martin father friend use to mentor The Kings and his friend.

King played a big role in the founding of Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957; this organization was created so non-violent black people to protect. King also organized and led marches for the right to vote, desegregation, and labor rights in addition to basic civil rights. One of Martin most famous rallies(marches) was the March On Washington where black people from all over the nation came together to fight for their God given right at that event their were many speeches given one of them was the famous “I Have A Dream Speech” all this was held August 28, 1963. Other things you might find interesting about that event was that their wasn’t only black people their even white that had the same mind set as black were their trying to fight along with them for civil right and what they believe in. There were performance by Gospel legend Mahalia Jackson who sang “How I Got Over", also musician Bob Dylan performed several songs, including "Only a Pawn in Their Game. Their criticism from many people and this might even surprise that “black nationalist Malcolm X, in his Message to the Grass Roots speech, criticized the march, describing it as "a picnic" and "a circus". The March on Washington isn’t the only event that happen for the civil right of the black, another event that happen was a Boy Cott which Martin Luther was still a pastor back then, well by now you are asking what really happen to cause that Boy Cott?. And the answer was that a African-American

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named Rosa Park who was an seamstress came from a hard day of work and went to the back of the bus and a white told her to get up so he can sit there and she refuse for doing that she arrested for this anger was spark in the Alabama community. And so a meeting was called by the black community and an overflow crowd came to Ebenezer Baptist church for a meeting concerning Rosa Park situation and so Dr. King told them the only way that they could them was to Boy Cott the bus company. So on Dec. 5, the African-American residents of the city refused to use the buses. Most walked, those few with cars arranged rides for friends and strangers, some even result to even riding mules. Only a very few numbers of African-Americans rode the bus that...
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