Martin Luther King, Bus Boycott

Topics: Black people, White people, South Africa Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: October 29, 2012
remeberance day of the bus boycott

montgomery news

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On Monday the 5th of December, black people if Montgomery town has a few days before this distributed over 4000 leaflets to black people to give a precaution that the next day there will be a boycott of the buses, and this was all Martin Luther king’s idea. Martin Luther king was elected the representative for the black citizens. He believed to some degree that this would be the beginning of a change in the world and rules of segregation for not only black people but anyone with no white ethnic background. Martin Luther king was a man of peace who wanted to bring about change in a non- violent way as he was a Christian and that was what he practiced &preached. For some reason people where brought to his attention and wanted to listen to him as he had good ideas and creativity and great levels of expectation to meet, many say he didn’t scream his words so they could hear him but his voice seemed to be louder than ever. He says “Montgomery is known as the Cradle of the Confederacy. It has been a quiet cradle for a long, long time. But now the cradle is rocking.” The clever thing about martin Luther king was that he protested in a non-violent way and this frustrated the white people as they wanted the black people to react and retaliate. So on an average day a black person would walk to the front of the bus where they would pay the driver and then they would not walk through the bus but they would walk outside of the bus and walk to the back entrance. However sometimes the drivers found it amusing (keeping in mind that most driver where white) to drive away before the black passenger had reached the back door, and if that wasn’t enough they were only aloud to sit in the white section (front /middle) if there were no white passengers wanting to sit there, if there was then would then you would have to move to either a seat at the back or stand up. This did not matter on your age either so...
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