Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us many examples of how to handle conflict without physically hurting someone. There are ways I handle conflicts without being violent. I will tell you about them.

When my friends are fighting I tell them many things, but one of the most important things I tell them is to treat others the way they want to be treated. When my friends don’t agree, I try to get them to talk about the problem and how we can fix it. For example, if two friends are fighting over another friend, I would tell them that they can all be friends and play together, because the friend they’re fighting over has enough room in her heart for everyone.

When I am angry with a friend, I use my words to let her know that I’m angry. I tell her how I feel and why I’m angry. I remind her that I wouldn’t treat her that way, and that I know she wouldn’t like it if I did that to her. I encourage my friends to use their words also, and to let everyone join in our game or friendship.

I can be nonviolent with people who are classmates too. When someone is bothering me or getting in my space, I can ask them nicely to stop. If that doesn’t work, I might ignore it, but sometimes I can’t take it, so I have to tell a teacher. Because at school there is nothing else I would rather do. Teachers teach us how to respect others and how to use our language because one day we will be adults and we’ll be the role models.

If my brother and I are fighting, I try to use my language instead of losing my temper and being physical. If we are fighting over which movie to watch, we talk about how I always let him get what he wants, but sometimes I want what I want. It helps when he realizes that I usually give in for him.

Dr. King changed our country by teaching us the right way to act in bad situations. And we should respect that and keep our promise to him. He showed us the right way to go
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