Martin Luther's Legacy

Topics: Christian terms, Protestant Reformation, Christianity Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Luther rejected many of the churches beliefs and replaced them with the word of God. One of Martin’s fundamental teachings was sola scriputura and sola fide, which went against Roman Catholicism. He believed the clergy was not as important in translating the word of God and that the laity could interpret it for themselves. Luther said that faith and faith alone was the only reason for God to give grace or salvation. Luther discredited Catholic dogma only believing in those that were supported by scripture.

Luther taught the doctrine sola scriptura which means “by scripture alone.” He believed any rule or pronouncement by the Pope or church council was not to be believed unless sustained by scripture. Wanting the laity to read and interpret the Bible for themselves, Luther believed the churchpersons did not need to represent scriptural meaning. This idea of scripture alone said the clergy was not needed, and this idea went against the churches tenet of the ecclesiastics being of utmost importance. Martin’s doctrine by scripture alone broke the churches distinction between the laity and clergy.

Sola fide, meaning by faith alone, was another doctrine Martin taught. Martin affirmed that having in faith in God would will him to grant salvation. Piety not good works or the church’s priestly power would get a soul into Heaven, for God has decided whether to save it. Roman Catholicism said that a priest could get you out of purgatory by the means of confession and indulgences. Luther denounced purgatory which also denounces indulgences and the need of the church to interfere. God will save those who live by faith and faith alone as said in the doctrine Sola fide.

Martin Luther’s legacy can be summed in the five solae. The solae essentially disapproved Catholic beliefs, and that transversely means Luther rejected Catholic beliefs. He made clear what Lutheranism meant, and its principle dogmas were by faith alone and by scripture alone. These two tenets go against...
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