Martin Luther’s Impact on Racism in America

Topics: United States, African American, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 3 (653 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Gloria S. Mainor

Dr. Robert Pullen

SOC 2275

30 Sept 2012

Martin Luther’s Impact on Racism in America

Today’s (1) society has a lot of problems. After hundreds of years racism still plays its role in our (2) culture.
(3) Racism is mostly associated with how African Americans were treated during slavery times and during the 1950s-1960s when Martin Luther King, Jr. marched for the black (4) minority. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man with great (5) charisma. He was able to infuse people with his (6) beliefs and convince them to follow him. King fought for (7) Social Change for his people. King did not believe a man or woman should be judged solely upon their (8) race. Among many things, he fought for equal (9) education for blacks.

King was a (10) family man. He went to (11) church and believed in a higher power. He had (12) faith in God and in the American people. King was a great leader and speaker. Today, he serves as a (13) symbol of hope, pride and honor, not only to African Americans, but to white Americans as well. King exhibited (14) values and morals. King exposed Americans to the (15) race-conflict approach by his protest and marches bringing attention to the unfairness of racism.

Because of King’s protest he was able to create (16) social change in America. Unfortunately, he was assassinated before he could see his “dream” fulfilled. After his death there was a (17) cause and effect that happened. In some way, it took the assassination of King to invoke the change that he so freely campaigned to create.

It is human nature to dislike things or people that are different or that we do not understand. All races experience (18) stereotyping every single day. The change Martin Luther King invoked is relevant today. White Americans are not as (19) prejudice as they once were. Change did come and ironically the tables have turned. Today, there are just as many black Americans who are prejudice...
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