Martin Luther’s Challenge to the Church

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Catholic Church, Martin Luther Pages: 4 (1377 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Martin Luther was a German theologian who in 1517 published his ideologies in a document entitled ‘The 95 Theses’. His aim was to reform the Catholic Church and from 1517 to 1521, he questioned a range of aspects of the dogma of the Catholic Church, which was a significant challenge. During the years the development of his ideas progressed through many different elements, these include his three pamphlets he published in 1520 and the debates with Cardinal Cajetan and Johann Eck. Along with these aspects, Luther also criticised the sola scriptura and sola fide, the papacy, the seven sacraments and the three pamphlets he wrote throughout 1520. The change of Luther’s ideologies had a substantial effect on his protest against the Catholic church as it caused a progression in his movement to represent the corruption of the Catholic Church to civilization. It is fair to say Luther’s challenge to the Catholic Church proved to change in the years 1517-1521. For Martin Luther, 1518 to 1519 was a very significant year for the progression of the Protestant Reformation. By 1517 Luther had a clear understanding of most of his ideas, most mentioned in the Ninety-Five Theses, such as justification by faith. This provided him with a strong argument to put up against the Church as he had only focused on the topic of going against indulgences. The debates with Cardinal Cajetan and Eck provided Luther with the opportunity to fully develop his ideas and spread them through a debate in front of very intelligent theologians. At the debate with Cajetan in 1518, Luther remained unmoved and incredibly defiant of his ideologies and this developed his idea of the sola scriptura. Luther’s defiance improved the progression of the reformation and claimed that the Pope was incorrect about his Clement VI’s bull and that it was contrary to the sola scriptura; thus providing him more influence over all the other theologians who were present. At the debate Cajetan questioned Luther’s thoughts on...
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