Martin Iden. the World Where All Is Decided by Money

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A world in which everything is decided by money
(Based on the novel by Jack London, "Martin Eden")

The main theme of the famous work of Jack London's "Martin Eden" is an incompatibility between disinterested and poetic identity and bourgeois society in which everything is decided by money.

The novel begins in two related areas: the love of Ruth and Martin Eden's fight for a place in the community, for ensuring that this society has recognized his talent as a writer.

And this struggle waged by Martin Eden, in the name of "white as a lily, Girl" - Ruth.

In its way deep, impressionable soul Martin saw that is worth living, that is worth fighting for what is worth dying for ...

The young man knew that between him, as a sailor, and Ruth, a girl from a wealthy bourgeois family, the abyss. But Martin decided to cross this chasm. He persistently engaged in self-education,ceases to participate in drinking bouts, and in the end, after long and hard work, Fortune smiled upon Martin.

He was engaged in literary work, and his work started to bring him fame and profit.

It would seem that now he has achieved everything, what could only dream of. But the soul of Martin finds no satisfaction. His thoughts were occupied by one - how to understand everything that happened to him. He could not understand himself, what has changed in him. Why now all the noble people want to have lunch with him.

Martin finally annoyed that the change in attitude towards him is due solely to an increase in the size of his bank account. And, knowing this, he decides to run away from civilization on the island of the southern seas. But on the boat, which sailed Martin, everyone looked at him as if he were a celebrity.

"Life has become painful, like a bright light for a person with bad eyes." Life flashed before him with all the colors of the rainbow, and he was hurt. Very hurt. "And somewhere in the ocean, Martin jumped out of the cab window in the depths of the...
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