Martin Cooper

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Motorola Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: November 22, 2010
I have always wanted to know how and who invented the cellular phone. I also wanted to know if they make them by hand or by robot. I know a cell phone works I just don’t know its story. Here is a little bit about the cell phones story. Martin Cooper invented the cell phone while working for Motorola. He gave it to the company. It did take a while to sell. Martin Cooper was the lead engineer responsible of the cell phone. Martin cooper was born in 928.When he was young he earned his bachelor’s degree. The first cell phone was a lot different than our cell phones now. They use to be really big and hard to carry but I guess it was easier for them back then. We have a lot of better phones now but we still have to thank Martin cooper for bringing us here. All cell phones have parts have parts for instance usually cell phones have adapters, Batteries, cables & Wires and a charger .AC adapters are parts that help the phone charge. Batteries are included to help phones stay on if you take out the battery the phone will turn off. Cables and wires are just part of the charger. The charger helps the phones battery have enough energy to keep the phone on. I really like Martin Cooper for inventing a cell phone. It really helps people now. Cell phones are really useful and a lot of people may be lost without them. I also found out that it depends on the manufacture of the company so some phone are made by hand others by robot. The top cell phone brands are Blackberry, MOTOROLA, Sony, LG, Nokia and Samsung. Even now Motorola’s big.
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