Martial Law in the Philippines

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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(1)I thought that I’ve already known a lot of things about the martial law that happened in the Philippines during late President Marcos’ term. (2)But I was wrong. (3)After making the martial law exhibits, paying tribute to the Pisay martyrs, and hearing the talks of Pisay alumni and other martial law veterans, I can say that what I’ve known before was just a very small amount of information about martial law. (4)I am fortunate that I was not yet born during the martial law era. (5)I was not able to experience the hardships the Filipinos living at that time went through. (6)According to the martial law veterans, it was truly a frightening time. (7)But if I were a Pisay student at that time, I would surely be one of the students who engaged in several protests against martial law. (8)Maybe I would be really afraid, but I would still do what’s best for my country. (9)I would be happy to die for my country especially if my countrymen would benefit a lot from it. (10)We should be grateful for what the heroes and martyrs of martial law have done for us. (11)I know that I could already show my appreciation for their deeds even just as a student, or “Iskolar ng Bayan”. (12)I would visit memorials, remembrance tributes, and cemeteries, and leave flowers or flags. (13) I would also keep them in my prayers. (14)I would ask our church to pray for them and for their spouses and children, too. (15)And maybe when I got a little older, I would make a book about the things they have done. (16)These, I will do, to show honor and support for those who have given ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. (17)From the tribute and exhibit to the talks and discussions given by martial law veterans, I’ve chosen the most important thing I’ve learned. (18)This is probably the ability of Filipinos, especially the students, to overcome the difficulties during that time. (19)Instead of just studying inside their comfy houses, the students chose to join the adults in the protests...
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