Martial Law in Philippines Analysis

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Martial Law in Philippines

Angelique M. Musni
BSED Physical Science 3-1

Mr. Roel Robles
History Analysis
October 12, 2012

Martial Law in Philippines
I. Introduction
Martial Law was proclaimed by Ferdinand Marcos the 6th president of the Philippines on September 21, 1972. Dictatorial in which he will able to control, rule, and manipulate people through his power. He was a topnotch law student. Since he argue at the Supreme Court accusing him as a murderer, because of his ability as a sharp shooter. He quickly gained supporters because of winning against it. Even in his love life he considered it as a political. He married Former First Lady Imelda Marcos for his own intention. He has his own plan that’s why he proclaimed Martial Law. He wanted to stay as a president for longer time. II. Content

In a documentary I watched Garcia (1997). He said that 1969, elections came around when Marcos run for his second term, and that was the dirtiest, fraudulent ever. When that election came rise in dollar out bared. That was the most expensive election. On 1971 after the Plaza Bombing, Filipinos don’t have trust, due to disappointment to Marcos. Marcos opponents in that election won that’s Liberal party in which people who became the victim of Plaza Bombing. On 1972 all of the people contradict to Marcos or his enemies were arrested by police and the military. Including Benigno Aquino became his mortal enemy. Many people arrested. Nobody knows what is happening because all of the media controlled by Marcos all you can hear is just music. The government set Plebiscite to produced new constitution but soon he realized that he might lost because all people are in favor for Benigno and Diokno so he changed it to voting through raising hands, even kids were allowed to vote and then they will going to ask, who wants free food, because of poverty many people will raised they’re hands. Marcos did consult to Richard Nixon about his plan. Richard Nixon didn’t stop him because Richard wanted to prevent the spread of communism. New constitution formed under military rule, whose purpose is only for him. All of the people against him were go to jail, and worst is killed there are also Filipina Women who got raped. Media were being controlled by him, only government can control media only favorable news about them were being reported. At first country showing good economy, but as soon the truth revealed, continuous corruption occurred. People don’t have right to express their freedom. The result of this is the decreasing economy, increasing debts. Support of America Government vanished as they realized that Marcos didn’t works towards democracy. Many Filipino people suffer in this authoritarian government. Armed Forces of the Philippines are the one who accompanied the rule of Marcos. Even his friend Primitivo Mijares chief propagandists on the regime of Martial Law of Marcos, but sooner became the enemy of Kokoy Romualdez, brother of Imelda Marcos. He even breaks off unto regime of Martial Law. Primitivo wrote a book named “The Conjugal Dictatorship”. He exposed the truth behind Marcos regime. Including his love life affair to an American artist do exposed in the book. Later Mijares disappeared many people believed that Marcos agents at U.S. killed him. Until now the body of him has not been found. Incidents about abusing people don’t reveal on regime of Marcos. All of the media were remained working but they wouldn’t allow to revealed bad side about Marcos. He even abused many people and killed many innocent people. It was being proved that Family Marcos did abuse many people on the contrary they should pay ten thousandths people in return. Until now Marcos Family didn’t accept that they all abused many people Marcos stated that he will make the Philippines a Land reform area, he will going to distribute it on peasants. At the end of his term not more than four percent...
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