Martial Law

Topics: Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines, People Power Revolution Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Reaction Paper
Batas Militar and EDSA 1 & 2
Thirty-six years ago on September 21, 1972, then Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos signed the declaration of martial law. He then announced the deed on television on September 23, 1973.The proclamation ensured Marcos’ grip on power, in defiance of theconstitutional 2-term limit for Philippine presidents. The declaration alsomarked the darkest age in Philippine history. It was during this time thathundreds of Filipinos disappeared, presumably murdered (“salvaged” in localparlance). It was also then that the Marcoses stole the country’s wealth andindulged First Lady Imelda Marcos’ taste for fine jewelry, shoes andhobnobbing with the rich and famous.A documentary of the events that marked this period has been to coincidewith these anniversaries.“Batas Militar”(Martial Law)was made by theFoundation for Worldwide People Power (FWWPP), the same group thatreleasedBeyond Conspiracy: A Documentary on the Assassination of NinoyAquino.For those who weren’t alive during the time of Marcos, these events mayseem like ancient history. But they shaped the Philippines that we see today.This is why we should not forget the sacrifice made by Ninoy Aquino. Why weshouldbe vigilant against graft and corruption. Why suppression of pressfreedom should be viewed with suspicion. This is an age of the Philippinesthat should never be replicated ever again.The extensive film footage and pictures of actual events that took place from1972 when Marcos declared martial law, to the EDSA uprising of 1986 thattoppled the dictatorship, bring back to life the monumental tyranny anddeception, the unprecedented violence and unparalleled greed that no oneever imagined could possibly emanate from one man.

If only for that single accomplishment, the documentary has excellentlyserved its purpose. But it is certainly more than that. It is solidly researched,done with more than 150 important personalities interviewed includingPresident Ramos, Cory...
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