Martial Arts Swot Analysis

Topics: Martial arts, Mixed martial arts, Pepper spray Pages: 2 (272 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Mixed Martial Arts
SWOT Analysis
Mixed Martial Arts is a company provides a safe, realistic martial arts training environment that will allowed the students to grow in their confidences by developing the student’s physical attributes, mental strength, and indomitable spirit. STRENGTHS

-A focus on community awareness’s by teaching self defense for all ages -A focus on child development and discipline in society
-A focus on continued education for adults and groups of interest -The ability to teach all ages about different types of martial arts and explore the abilities of learning them. - Limited startup risk

- Family friendly environment; great for the whole family
- Provides counseling to individual who have been previously attacked WEAKNESSES
- Competitors offer similar options
- We are offering to a specific target market which could hurt us if competition is offering to larger target market. - Limited flexibility in programs
- Competitors have more experienced staff.
- Availability of space. If the locations are limited, then the class sizes are limited and there for we would be limited on how many per class at a time. OPPOTRUNITIES
- Urban, city location or locations with large populations.
- Women’s and children self defense classes.
- Exploring ADHD and other disabilities or handicaps that can benefit from martial arts. - Tournaments or competitions hosted by our facility.
- An in facility store that sells items like martial arts gear and clothing, training equipment, and self defense items like pepper spray or tasers. - Expansion for online sales
- Dwindling local population
- A shortage of equipment
- Too many local competitors
- A poor economy
- Changes in regulations can impact the business
- Continual insurance costs increasing
- Increase in price inputs can cause upward pricing
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