Martial Arts

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Overview Of Martial Arts

Feel The Wrath Of My Bo James W. Brown

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Table of Contents Chapter 1. A Look at Belts Chapter 2. A Look at Kung Fu Chapter 3. A Look at Ninjutsu Chapter 4. A Look at Wing Chun Chapter 5. A Look at Muay Thai Chapter 6. A Look at Aikido Chapter 7. A Look at B.J.J. Chapter 8. A Look at Chinese Martial Arts Chapter 9. Five Animal Kung Fu Chapter 10. Hapkido Chapter 11. Shootfight Chapter 12. Tai Chi Chapter 13. Judo Chapter 14. Taekwondo Chapter 15. Kenpo Chapter 16. UFC and Others Chapter 17. Martial Arts For Kids.

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Legal Stuff This Ebook is free to read and to give away. You may not change or alter it in anyway. You may post this on your own website, or to your squeeze page as a thank you gift to your subscribers. The writer has attempted to provide information as accurate as possible. As well, the opinions expressed within, are solely those of the writer. Martial arts should be practised under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Readers should not attempt to perform any martial art or exercise described in this ebook, without proper supervision of a qualified instructor. The writer is not responsible for any injuries sustained as a result of the reader not following said instructions. Any form of exercise or taking part in martial arts, should be delayed until consent is given by the readers family doctor. All images in this pdf are the property of the writer and as such, should not be copied. All images in this document and on the writers, blogs are under the copywrite process. Please consult a lawyer if you intend to copy or steal any images or do not intend to follow the instructions laid out in this legal disclaimer. The writer is an affiliate of many different products. The writer may or may not be paid a commission on any sales that may or occur, should a link be clicked and a purchase be made. Please read the guarantees and refund policies of the issueing companies. The writer suggests that anyone purchasing products, always keeps any documents or receipts to speed up the process of any product refunds. The writer promotes products that are rarely returned, however the writer insists on using providers that offer a refund policy and a help desk. Please Note: The writer freely admits any mistakes in formatting of this ebook are his. This ebook was created using a variety of sources, including Chapters are not broken into separate pages, in order to save space.

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Chapter One A Close Look At Belts With most types of martial arts, the color of the belt that you have will signify your rank within your style of martial arts. The belts that are used with martial arts signify your rank within that style, although they have no universal means or ranking within the martial arts world. More or less, they tell others how much you know about your specific martial art. Some dojo's use stripes on a belt to signify the progression of a student. Typically a stripe is applied as each form is learned. A student may get a black stripe for learning a form, another stripe for sparring and a final stripe to show they are ready to be tested for the next belt. Each dojo is different. The use of belt colors in martial arts is an old practice, dating back hundreds of years. Belts and their use in martial arts all started by a man known as Jigoro Kano, who created the style known as Kodokan Judo. Kano started out by using only white and black belts to signify rank within his style of martial arts. His reason for using belts, was to specify which students could compete in different activities. For example, those with white belts couldn’t compete in the same activities as those with black belts. Shortly after Kano introduced his idea of using belts, other belt colors were introduced to the world of martial arts. Over the years, it became a...
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