Martial Arts

Topics: Karate, Kick, Martial arts Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Martial arts as we know it today many people use it the wrong way such us,throwing harm others, Hit the vulnerable, but people in the past they let martial arts tech them respect and how to deal with bad situation. Today many type of martial arts came out such us, karate, muaythi, taekwondo. Taekwondo and karate are not the same at all about 90% of Omani people think that there is no different between taekwondo and karate that’s way in this essay I going to explain the difference between taekwondo and karate. Taekwondo fighting style it's different from karate, taekwondo use 80% leg and 20% hands but karate uses 50-50 and if you ask what's stronger karate or taekwondo? I well answer you with what's stronger leg or hands? In this essay I well talk about three main ideas: the deference between taekwondo and karate, the challenge that you well face in each type of martial arts, the deference between taekwondo clothe and belts and karate. Taekwondo and karate became much more popular these days not like in the past people didn’t know taekwondo us we know it today they only know karate. Taekwondo is Korean martial arts that were invented in the 20th a punching and kicking martial arts with much more focus on the kicks and taekwondo now is an Olympic sport. Karate is an Okinawan martial art from Japan (reference). There are many kinds of Karate, and each of them has their differences. However, they are all punching and kicking arts. Some are more defensive while others emphasize offense. In Taekwondo there is many type of kicks about twenty types of kicks and each kick has its own style and its own effect on human body but in karate they focus on the punching instead of kicking because they believe that hand can kill a man much more faster than a leg but we all know that’s kicking is much more stronger then punching and is stronger and in taekwondo if you don’t have flexibly you can do any type of taekwondo kicks but in karate you can because they don’t have...
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