Martha Washington

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Martha Washington

Martha was born on June 2, 1731 on a plantation in New Kent County, Virginia, near

Williamsburg. She was the oldest child of Frances and John Dandridge, wealthy landowners. She was

a kind and curious person. Her father made sure she received an education. Her mother made sure she

had the skills to run a household. She grew up knowing the ways of high society in eighteenth century

Virginia. All of these skills helped her when she became the nation's first lady.

Martha was a very busy person after her marriage to George Washington. She had to take care

of the Custis plantation from a prior marriage and the farm at Mount Vernon. While George took care

of all the money business, Martha had the important responsbility of running both households. At

Mount Vernon where they lived she took care of the crops, household goods and all the food that the

slaves, servants, relatives and visitors needed. After her husband became president, she became hostess

to all who came to visit the presidential mansion. Although she didn't invent something or teach, she

definitely had a huge responsbility of making sure things ran smoothly.

Martha was a person that gave so much of herself. During the American Revolution, she would

go to whatever camp George was at. She became George's sounding board, secretary, and when he was

unable to attend an official function she would go. Martha comforted the sick or wounded and would

have social functions to boost morale. For all the help she gave, the soldiers gave her the nickname

“Lady Washington.” I think that with all she gave to George and the soldiers she helped win the war.

Not the mention the lives she saved by helping the sick or wounded soldiers. She definitely set a good

example of how a person should be.

Martha Washington has inspired me to be a stronger person. The most impressive thing about

her was no matter what happened...