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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Assignment 2

Marshall & Gordon:
Designing an Effective Compensation System

Situational Analysis

Paul Nasr is the president of Morgan Stanley (MG) who has nearly 20 years of experience in the capital markets business. He assumed the leadership of the newly created Capital Markets Services division.

The Capital Markets division is an interdisciplinary entity created to serve as a link between the Investment Banking division and the sales and trading arms of the firm, Equity and Fixed Income. The division is created to provide the clients with more focused attention and service. The employees in this division were also expected to generate business from organizations that were not previously clients of Morgan Stanley.

Nasr hired Parson who is a successful, young banker and has a proven track record in the financial sector. He believed Parson is the right person in growing the capital market services arm of the firm.

Parson had ten years of experience and possesses strong relationships in the banking and insurance industries. He didn’t have the Ivy League background that other employees in Morgan Stanley had had but he has the required experience working in bank and investment houses. He quickly rose up the ranks to become the Managing Director of a small firm.

He is assigned the title of Principal and is expected to give analytical solutions to complex problems, have good client relations, understand the clients’ objectives and constraints and identify and create business opportunities for MG. He should possess excellent negotiation skills and also be a team supervisor and leader of the Investment Banking Department.


This process is a feedback solicited from superiors, peers, subordinates and internal clients as well as self-evaluation of an employee to gauge his/her performance. The inputs from this feedback helps in understanding and quantifying an employee’s strength,...
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