Mars Organization

Topics: Customer, Distributor, Research Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: December 9, 2012
What are the sources of innovation in the firm? Which source is the most important? What makes the Mars Research and Development (R&D) departments so unique? Mars Research team is constantly scouring the globe for new perspectives on what will please the people who buy our products. Meanwhile our Associates in Development are on a tireless quest to create winning brands that fly off the shelves. However, what gives R&D its unique flavor here is that our people work across both disciplines, applying their intellectual curiosity, their ability to solve old problems with new thinking and their for. Ward-looking approach to everything they do. Mars Company is the sources that create innovation; they fully concentrate on the R&D department. They think that a company without R&D wouldn't develop its future career and would stop at the same point in the market race. With R&D You are investigating new ways for development, new ways for innovative thinking, and new solutions for the Firm's problems. Mars Also Use Practical Experiments before using or producing a new method of production or a new method of innovation. In Mars point of view experimenting new thinking before using it would lead to customer satisfaction and product efficiency. Mars use experimenting new ways by distributing surveys upon customers or having interviews with customers or even making and producing samples of the product. This method of thinking will help mars to develop the right product and the most efficient product that could be used by costumers. The old traditional way that every company produce the product and take thee feedback from the customer after production, Mars Company is not a fan of this traditional way. They always searching for the most efficient way of thinking and producing

We didn’t found a clear Mars Organizational structure while we searching on the web, and while making our interview with mars firms presenter he didn’t give us a clear structure, but we found a...
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