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Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar System. Named after the Roman god of war, it is often described as the "Red Planet" Defend as the “second earth”, which is means that mars contain the similar environment of earth.

How far? How big?
Mars travels an elliptical orbit around the Sun. there are a closet point and a distant point in this region. The closest point to the Sun: 207milion km, or 1.38 astronomical units. The distant point to the Sun: 249million km, or 1.67 astronomical units. The closest possible distance from Earth to Mars in miles is 33.9 million miles. Jul. 27. 2018 – 57.6 million km (35.8 million miles)

In earth 1year is 365day
Mars’ year is 687 earth days.
Mars is roughly half the size of the Earth. It has a diameter of 4,222 miles, compared to Earth's 7,962 miles at the equator. Mars is 53% as large as Earth; this means that Mars has a gravity that is less than 40% of what people feel on Earth.

Who is Giovanni Schiaparelli?
Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli (14 March 1835 - 4 July 1910) was an Italian astronomer and science historian. Among Schiaparelli's contributions are his telescopic observations of Mars. In his initial observations, he named the "seas" and "continents" of Mars. During the planet's "Great Opposition" of 1877, he observed a dense network of linear structures on the surface of Mars which he called "canali" in Italian, meaning "channels" but the term was mistranslated into English as "canals."

God of War…
All of the planets in our solar system, except Earth, are named after Roman gods. The Romans named Mars and other planets they could see. Many ancient people associate Mars with blood and war because its red color. In keeping with the planet’s association with the god Mars, they symbolized Mars with a circle with an arrow pointing out from its right corner. This is also the symbol of man. They thought of Mars as the father of Romulus and...
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