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Spencer Clark

If you have ever wondered about life on other planets, Mars would be a planet of interest. One reason is Mars has plenty of evidence that water once existed. Another reason is rovers have discovered possible fossils. Also, through these rovers scientists have discovered strains of gasses, which once existed in the atmosphere. Life could not be support without water so we’ll start there.

Through satellites and rovers scientists have strong evidence that water did once exist in liquid form on Mars. The twin rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, were sent to find water, or water that once existed, and were successful. They found ridges and canyons that were formed by water that was once there. Also through satellite images they have found where lakes, and rivers had existed. Through these satellites scientists can find very much evidence for past life on Mars.

With evidence, scientists have determined that small fragments of rock rovers have found could be possible fossils. Images they have can indicate the outlines of these possible fossils. Also, with strong evidence of water, there is a high possibility of past life. With what scientists have found now, we can determine the atmosphere was different t be able to support this life.

To be able to support this life Mars would’ve needed a better atmosphere. Mars would’ve needed a much thicker atmosphere to protect from UV rays and asteroids. This thicker atmosphere would’ve also given this life a compound to breathe for a source of energy. Rovers have found past strains of gasses that once existed there. With all of this evidence, scientists strongly believe in the possibility of past life on Mars. Life on Mars can be strongly supported with the evidence of water, fossils, and gasses. Scientists find more each day on this topic, which can open new doors towards learning about extra-terrestrial life.
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