Marrying for Money

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  • Published : July 23, 2012
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Ruby Davalos Ms. Porche

Marrying For Money I have it all but I don’t have to worry, married to the money a true love story. Marrying for money is the end of problems for many women. Not only will they have everything they want, they will obtain things without working and live a non stressful life. Being loved is preferable than being in love, it is less emotional and distracting which helps make better and long term decisions are made when emotions are not in play. Women earn less than men for a lot of sexist reasons so it is necessary to plan a future on how to survive in this world. By getting married to a man for the money it is obvious she will have everything she wants. For example, a nice car, a nice house, and flashy jewelry. A woman can be dressed the way she wants without worrying about the price and he will be financially stable to support his family. However, money will not buy health or happiness and others will conveniently abuse their friendship for their benefits. According to Abraham Maslow, the basic needs of a person are food, clothing, and shelter, not love. A woman can stay at home without working if she does not have a job. She can enjoy the luxuries and spend money shopping or traveling. She can also enjoy staying at home being a mother and spending quality time with her children. The bad side is that if she doesn’t work she will be dependent from someone and will not learn how to manage many things on her own. A woman will not be stressed about money problems which are fewer problems in their marriage, financial issues are the leading cause of divorce. If women marry for money it is guaranteed a luxurious and convenient life free from the troubles brought about by poverty. Getting married to someone who there is feelings for will make a person feel happy even if financially they aren’t so good. Money comes and goes...
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