Marrketing Plan

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Executive Summary:

Pantene is a strategic product of P&G Groups. It is a qualified, nutrilite and superior shampoo product. Vietnam has been generating Pantene series for P&G around10 years. Pantene Shampoo concentrates on Vietnamese female who are in middle or high class and consider about possessing soft, smooth and beautiful hair.

Pantene brand has contributed into P&G with a high rate to improve the company performance. At current time, P&G has made more than 55 billion dollar for total sales. Pantene is the brand name has provided a successful performance for P&G when making 10% increase in sales each year.

In order to achieve the product objective including………….., the marketing plan is about putting many factors which have affected to Pantene, in particular, into the evaluation and investigation for the improvement and development about Pantene Shampoo. Furthermore, Pantene is one of the most successful brand name of P&G Groups so P&G has poured a large amount of money just for advertising Pantene throughout the world (200million dollar for 2007 and 135million dollar for November 2008). As can be seen, Pantene is considered an important product series, which the head of company has paid attention most.

Currently, many factors that are contained in Micro and Macro environment will be analyzed to clearly understand how Pantene has to face with competitors and appropriate adapt to change and improve its performance.

Based on the SWOT analysis toward the company, we will establish the strong tactic, which use the corporation existing advantages to expand the brand name.

By implementing 4Ps’ strategy, we aim to create the consumers’ awareness and enlarge the product into Vietnamese market. This strategy is a significant part to take advance into the market that Pantene has been staying. We focus on the current customers and then open widely to most every customers who we are able to reach. Pantene is now efficiently working and continue to run with the high speed to compete in the competitive environment.

Following that will be the action program and the control program which we have planned to analyse and evaluate what will have done in the future in term of building the contingency plan to react with changes.

I. Introduction:
P&G manufactory in Dong An, Binh Duong Province.

1. Company background:
Found in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble, P&Gstarted the business as a small, family-operated soap company. Through many years, the company has been developed significantly with average $ 50 billion USD profit each year. At present time, P&G is known as the international company, a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of the products with the most trusted quality and leadership brands throughout the world. Besides the headquarter located in Cincinnati, USA, with approximately 138,000 employees, P&G also create other regional offices in over 80 countries worldwide such as UK, Australia, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam in order to provide service for 5 billion consumers in over 160 countries with 20 million stores all over the world. (‘Company’, 2008 )

P&G Vietnam is established in July 1, 1995 that is cooperated between the VINACHEM Company and P&G Far East INC Company belonging to P&G American Cooperation with the funds approximately $14.3 million and now its investment has increased to $83 million. The annual speed growth always reaches to over 30% and contributes to national budget over $45 billion each year. In addition, the company’s export rate achieves 25% in company’s total revenue. From 180 employees at the beginning, the company has been improved dramatically and currently with 2400 staff, P&G has become one of the leaders in the term of manufacturing cosmetic chemistry in Vietnam. Now, with two factories in Dong An- Binh Duong, P&G has produced many...
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