Topics: Hotel chains, Marriott International, Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Matthew Davie
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Behind Closed Doors: Marriot

“Behind Closed Doors: Marriot” is a great short documentary on how the famous hotel chain Marriot runs and operates. The film shows all the decisions and operations the hotels must go through in order to b successful and gain above average returns. It also shows how the Marriot does to compete with other hotel chains and gain competitive advantages over these other famous names.

The documentary starts our by showing us quickly how large of a business the hotel industry is. They Marriot franchise has 3700 hotels in over 35 countries. This adds up to over 675,000 rooms.Hotels such as the Marriott of a lot of returning customers, as well as many rooms, which they lose money on due to them, being placed on expense accounts. Although they lose money on the expense account rooms, they make money on these rooms by raising the charges of booz throughout their stay.

Marriot has so many rooms that they go through 4 million pounds of laundry per day. Also the Marriot focuses on their food and overcharging for that as well. It was said that they go through over one million burgers per year, some places charging 36 dollars per burger. Marriot also makes money on banquets, huge parties with sometimes thousands of guests.

The Marriot Marquee is said the be the company’s cash cow. This has become a world known hotel and brings in a ton of revenue for the company. This is one of the more well known Marriot hotels in the world, including the Mumbai Marriot. Marriot hotels are all owned as franchises and are run by Marriot company. These hotels compete against companies such as Hilton hotels and Starwood hotels. There are different types of Marriot hotels which are set up in different classes, for example the Courtyard Marriot is a nicer brand and also the renowned Ritz Carlton chain of hotels which is considered to be a 5 Star hotel. Marriot has many ideas to gain a competitive advantage. Their one thing is fixing...
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