Marrige vs Cohabitation

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Marriage vs. Cohabitation
There are many people that say that getting married before living together is the best way to go. They have many negative things to say about living together also called cohabitation. Linda J Waite is one of this people, she has many negative things to say about cohabitation. She wrote an article called “The Negative effects of Cohabitation” where she states many down sides of cohabitation which I disagree upon. The three main things that I disagree upon are domestic violence, emotional wellbeing, and wealth.

When it comes to hitting, shoving and throwing things, “cohabiting couples are more than three times more likely than the married to say things get that far out of hand she says in her article. Which I disagree it doesn’t matter if your married or not your partner will still hit you. ‘According to the American association for marriage and family therapy (AAMFT)” in almost 20% of all marriage, couples slap, shove, hit, or otherwise assault each other. Emotional abuse verbal threats, humiliation, or degrading remarks, and controlling behavior are more common. Once you’re married you have to obey your husband’s rules and if we don’t there will be consequences. Married couples are more likely to be in domestic violence in my opinion because they expect more from there couples. Since there married they have to listen and do more to keep the husband happy.

“Marriage is, by design and agreement for the long run. Married people, thus see their relationships as much more stable as cohabiting couples do.” I also disagree with this saying that Linda j. Waite states in her article. The reason why I disagree is because there are many divorce rates now and days. If it was true what she says then there won’t be so many divorce rates. She says states that married couples are happier than cohabitating couples. She also states that children who are in cohabitating couples are less likely to succeed and this is a big lie in my opinion. For...
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