Married Women's Life in the Uk

Topics: Marriage, Woman, Wife Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Today I would like to talk about the changing of married women’s life in the UK. Does anyone want to get married? Please hand up. So before my presentation begins, I would like to ask you ladies a question. How do you want your ideal married life like to be?

(When will you wan to get married?/ Will you work after marriage?/ Do you want to have babies? How many?) As nowadays men and women are fair in the modern world, the married women’s life has some changes. Now, I’m going to talk about the difference of married ages, age of having baby, and the situation of being a house wife or working.

Firstly, according to the figures of National Statistics of 2010, the average married age of British women is 30. It increased by almost eight years compared with 22 in 1970 Moreover, it is also higher than the median ages of American women which is 26 in 2010.

Besides of the married ages, British women have a children later than other country as well. The average age at which a woman in the UK have their first baby has hit 30 – an increase of almost two years since 1995. Likewise, they tend to wait an extra five years to have their first child compared with those in the United States, where the average age is 25.

Finally, as we know, most women used to be a housewife after getting married. Their responsibilities include both mother and household. Recently, the rate of being housewife is over 60%. As a housewife in the UK, they do not have to pay the tax but be able to apply the allowance which provided from government. They can get £140-£300 depends on how many children they have. However, as I mentioned before, men and women are fair nowadays. More and more successful women can be seen in career. Although the benefits of being a housewife in Britain is irresistible, many women tend to go on their work even they get married.

To sum up, the life of married women in the UK has changed a lot. And we can imagine the trend will become a slight decrease of being a...
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