Marriage: Until Death Does Us Apart

Topics: Marriage, Gender, Divorce Pages: 4 (1216 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Denisse Urena

Professor Karen

Section: English 150-Seek Block1

28 February, 2013

Marriage: Until death does us apart

Society has a distinctive perspective on its views on marriages. In "What We Really Miss About The 1950's" by Stephany Coontz supports the essay "About Marriage"by Danielle Crittenden in a major claim she makes about how society believes in the long term Sanctity of marriage, yet divorce and failed marriage are very normal in todays society. Although Crittenden statements holds value, instead of maintaining sacred bond of marriage society should accept it for what it has become.This is significant because of the hypocrisy of how people view marriage in modern society. Both stories show the different aspects that society has regarding marriage and how they over fantasizes it. These stories are an exact example of how behind the perfect idealization of marriage that people argue about, theres always something behind it that they are trying to hide and cover.

In "what we really missed about the 1950's", by Stephany Coontz disputes the myth of the 1950's. The myth of the 1950;s was about men and women taking their role in society and accomplishing their gender duties. At that time were everything seem perfect, where families had more unity but the 50's was the time where changes were occurring in the values that provoked racism and sexism discrimination against African American and all females. The rate of marriages then was immensely high then in today society. According to all the tragic events that occurred at that era Coontz disagrees it was such a great time to raise children or get married, plus women were suppressed under their husband. Also teen pregnancy was at a much higher rate and it enabled young men to marry their pregnant girlfriend. This quote“…Playing to our understandable nostalgia for a time when things seemed to be getting better, not worse, they engage in a tricky chronological shell game with their...
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