Marriage Under 18 Years Old

Topics: Marriage, Family, Divorce Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: June 5, 2011
Marriage under 18 years old

“She may do nothing against God’s will, but many things she must against her own will if her husband require her.” Population council said more than 51 million girls younger than 18 are already married in 2003. In the world teenagers are making a family when they are so young. God created and created family to feel happiness, rest and peace. Marriage was not men idea, only God’s idea. So God thought “To provide a helpful mate for Adam, it was not good that man should be alone.” Marriage is a very blessing by God to men. But many people don’t worry about importance of marriage. May be some of these couple will have difficulties. But some people strongly agree that teenagers are able to marriage by their decisions. God always gave people choice about marriage.

In the world teenagers became immoral. They get much information which they don’t need from TV, internet, friends and many things. People usually learn and practice that information. Teens are usually not prepared for marriage, spiritually, mentally and physically. Maybe only handful can be. Before marriage especially man must be grown enough by his spiritual life more than physically. God created man to lead his family, not woman. So man must be responsible with everything. Some man became adult but he is baby by his spiritual life. This guy never can be good husband. Because the marriage is not only sex or playing a game. In other word teenagers are young and if they are not prepared for spiritual they will have so many difficulties.

In real life many teenagers are not outgrown and irresponsible. So if they are married at time they must continuing school it would be barrier for them. Therefore early married is reason of problems will come one by one because of they couldn’t get education. For instance: The biggest problem is exactly going to face with financial problems. Especially in Mongolia, it is not easy to get good job with high salaries if they are not...
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