“Marriage Is No Longer Relevant in Today’s World” Do You Agree?

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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“Marriage is no longer relevant in today’s world” Do you agree? Stand:
(-) Topic Sentence: Marriage is no longer relevant to women in the modern societies in the economic benefits aspect as they are financially independent. Reasoning: In less developed countries, the family of a bride gains in property and assets when she gets married. In addition, women in these countries are limited in terms of opportunities in the sphere of employment. Hence marriage is the only way for these women to be financially sustained. In contrast, in the modern societies, receptiveness towards women’s participation in the workforce has been increasing. As such, they are capable of earning a livelihood on their own. Example: In 2008, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew commented that as a result of giving women employment opportunities is that they are now able to acquire strong attributes such as financial independence and social status. (+) Topic sentence: Marriage fulfils the needs of both men and women in the psychological aspects so it is still relevant. Reasoning: Humans are essentially social animals. They are scared of loneliness and cannot live or grow to their full potential in isolation. They have a genetically driven need to reach out to other people and form a close bond with them so that they can live in a close-knit group. By getting married, one is expected to provide his or her partner with comfort, companionship and care. These expectations allow marriage to become the bedrock for emotional support and stability which are the basic needs of all human being. Since marriage is the only institution that allows two people to establish a very strong and enduring relationship that is fully backed by the law and society as a whole, it is still relevant in today’s world. Example: Maslow’s Hierachy of needs
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