Marriage and New Brand-name Establishments

Topics: Marriage, 2005 singles, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: March 21, 2013
- What a surprise to see you here. How many ages, since we’ve last seen, what’s new? - Oh, a lot of things. We’ve moved to another city, it’s much more comfortable to live in a city, not in countryside. It’s faster to get to the job, there are much more amusements and children are enraptured with their new school! - As for me, I don’t agree with you that live in the city is much easier, it’s healthier to live in the countryside, and, besides, what happened to you? I remember, that you had told, that you’ll never move to another place. We were all delighted about our city after graduation. By the way it has changed much. - You see, life moves fast, so I try to be in the swim. Now I think it’s time to move in the cities, it’s much more interesting there, much more employment prospects. And how are you? - I have left in our town after graduation. My life has changed a lot. We were graduated as lawyers, but then I realized that law is not something for me, so I became a designer. - Oh, dear, what you are talking about? Are there any other women who would graduate from university of law and become a designer? Oh, well, you’ve always amazed me with your decisions. So, I see you’ve got married as well. - Yes, do you remember Harry? Our group mate? He is my husband. - Oh, what a surprise, my congratulations! Is he is still working as a legal assistant? - No, he is a court-appointed attorney. He used to work hard, finally he got this high position, I’m so proud of him. - You seem to have a very happy family life. I have never thought that you would become such a nice and adorable wife, you used to tell, that you’re going to take up the world as the best lawyer the earth ever seen and now you tell me, that you’re married and proud of your husband making your career. - I do, I used to work as attorney as well, but I have left the job, because it’s very difficult for me to combine job and family. Now I am making some money on the side being a designer for one of those new...
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