Marriage and Money

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  • Published : February 23, 2007
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Can Money Buy Love?

Imagine growing up and never finding that perfect someone. Now imagine two people meeting and one of the two people thought that the other person was so great that they thought the other was their "perfect" someone. What if the decision of the two ever becoming a couple was not up to you, but up to your particular social status? Is it reasonable to base who you will marry clearly on the bases of ones personal wealth or social status? The answers to these questions can only be answered by your own morals and how important social status is to you. Everyone has a choice, why does it matter as long as there is love?

In Voltaire's Candide, it suggests that social status is important when it comes to marriage. Candide's mother is the sister of the Baron, the man who's castle Candide grew up in. When talking about people getting married to one another there is a question which arises on whether or not social status is an issue. Candide's mother in fact did not marry a man whose social status did not meet specific criteria in her opinion (1). She has the idea that a man should be wealthier than the woman so she would not marry the man. In some ways members of society believe the same thing today. Some feel the man should still go out and make the money to support the family. People that believe that social status is a great virtue think money can buy anything. Parents want what is best for their daughters, so parents believe the best is a man with money. In today's society you do not see too many middle or lower class people marrying or having relations with a person of a higher social class. The thought behind that is people for the most part marry within their social class. Why do you not see very many celebrities marrying your average hard working blue collar guy? The reason could be that a man without money can not love and support a woman of that status because he does not have the money. The woman sometimes never even gives...
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