Marriage and Family Week 1

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Marriage and Family Week 1

Chapter 1
3. Families today are growing outside the bond of marriage. Due to high divorce rate statistics, many people avoid marriage. Cohabitation is becoming more popular, where couples live together, produce children, and raise them together without ever getting married. In addition, many families also consist of half siblings, where the mother/father have children from another relationship but raise the siblings together. I view these changes as positive for the most part. Because the commitment was never legalized, there is less stress. However because the commitment is never legalized I wonder what effect it will have on the children and how they view relationships when they get older. 4. One example of a family problem due to a problem in society is paternity testing. Because casual sex is increasing at a shocking rate, mothers and fathers are unsure of the child’s biological father. Casual sex, such as one night stands and “friends with benefits”, is becoming more acceptable. Therefore, people are more subject to trust issues amongst partners, increasing the question of paternity. Paternity testing usually results in a lot of arguing amongst the immediate and extended families. Even once the results are determined, feelings are hurt and trust is lost. This makes it more challenging for families to communicate and grow Chapter 2

Chapter 3
5. .The elderly is increasing as a proportion of the US population due to increased longevity of our population. Benefits of the increased longevity consist of more years in education, longer marriages, more years of adult interaction between parents and children, and longer retirement where family activities and hobbies can be pursued. However, with increased longevity and decrease in child production, we run into the issue of who/how the elderly will be taken care of. We need to maintain the social policy support for families raising children and we will have to develop larger families...
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