Marriage and Family Therapist

Topics: Family therapy, Psychotherapy, Clinical psychology Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Marriage and family therapists not only help individuals but groups of people as well. This paper will explain what Marriage and family therapists have to do in order to get where they are and what they do. The number of therapists is increasing as the population increases as well, they are here to help when the help is wanted and/or needed. Marriage and family therapists have to care for others, they help them when they need it, and also they establish and maintain relationships (OKCIS: common tasks). “Therapists must not make decisions for their clients. They don’t tell clients to divorce, marry, separate, or give up custody of a child. They help clients explore all options” (M&FT: work performed). Most therapists see their patients for around 50 minutes, the rest of the time they are writing notes, making calls, or something along those lines (M&FT: Hours & earnings). Therapists try to help their patients understand what they did wrong and to face it honestly (M&FT: work performed). “Marriage and family therapist work with individuals, couples and families. Unlike other types of mental health professionals, they bring a family-centered perspective to treatment, even when treating individuals.” (U.S. BLS: duties). They help their clients with their emotional problems, Relationships between anybody parent, child, spouses, or even friends can be difficult at times (OKCIS: overview). Some conflicts could become so big that no one can resolve the problem without help from others (OKCIS: overview). Therapists even observe their patients without interfering at times (OKCIS: overview). An important part of a therapist job is to keep written records and case files (OKCIS: overview). Therapists have a soaring level of social interaction. They talk constantly with their patients over the phone and in person. Therapists might write letters, memos, and e-mails. Therapists might get caught in a situation where their client is angry or upset with them....
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