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Jessica Shahinian
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Prof. Tabor
To be American can mean many different things depending on each person, whether if they are an immigrant, alien, or a true citizen. The pure definition of what does it mean to be American is, “To be bored and raised in the United States”. Although it is also said and known that we have free rights, but that doesn’t mean we are a hundred percent freedom free because we are American. For example, say you are watching T.V and a commercial of having a car blow out with amazing prices, comes on; there is always the small print though that states all the real facts of the commercial. With the definition of what it is to be American, there should be a section of the, “small print” to clearly explain what it is to be American in America. For example, Jeremy Straughn, sociology professor who helped design a study of, “What it is to be American”. He discovers many views and answers from outsiders in the study of their answers. Many people believe that religion can classify you as an American of being Christianity. “When asked if Christian faith makes someone truly American, 54 percent agreed (39 percent did so strongly), but 32 percent strongly disagreed, reflecting a deep division over the role of religion in defining American culture”. There is no real definition of what it is to be American because everyone has their own views of what they believe makes someone American.

In present day America to be American doesn’t mean as much as it used to be. For, our country has made non-Americans who are not citizens at all feel like they are Americans. Our country, I understand is supposed to be a place to start over and have an opportunity but our leniency of this has gone too far. We now have safe locations for Aliens to live and not be deported. What about our countries citizens of America? We have families losing their homes, not putting food on the table, and are out of jobs. "Unemployment remains stubbornly high during this period of slow economic growth, and millions of Americans remain out of work, said Brandon Roberts, co-author and Working Poor Families Project manager. Despite working hard, nearly one in three working families are struggling to meet basic needs, he said. In America we assume that work pays, but for these families, jobs are not providing the rewards necessary to get by, much less build any economic security." People wonder why even our economy percentage has gone off the wall. Dealing with foreclosures in our community of America, I wonder if the government ever put the fact of having Aliens living in America, who do not pay taxes of any sort. Whether if it’s paying property taxes or taking it out of your paycheck it’s what helps America stay on a neutral level economically. So, basically being American and following all the laws, you, as an American have to pay into our country, but all Aliens living here, continue to live in parts of our country. "For some people, illegal workers have already violated the law from day one and just shouldn't be rewarded for it," Straughn says. According to PRB, Population Reference Borough many of our citizens are in low incoming housing due to the economy and our job availability. Many Americans are seeking help from the government to just have a roof over their head and food on the table. Just about over forty percent of the population in Arkansas and Mississippi are seeking help through our government in desperate need of money. A man named James A. Watkins writes an article also about an event that occurred to him in Ft.Laurderdale, Florida. He was in the paint business, which he said for years he made great money. He paid his employee’s about $20 an hour on the books. He followed all business regulations with the government by paying all appropriate taxes and having legal citizens. He noticed a lot of his customers were going to a painting company in Ft.Laurderdale, Florida where he eventually made a visit too. Soon...
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