Topics: Marriage, Family, Love Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: February 16, 2013
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ESL 42
Date 11/02/12
First draft essay on marraige
Many couples say marriage makes life sweat and beautiful. However, some couples who are not happy in their marriage contrast the idea. Many people in the entire world live in marriage. Marriage can be affected by many factors; such as culture of the couples, language or communication, and families of the couples. People find out their Marriage couple in different way. I have some examples how couples get their marriage couple in JLC and in my family too. In JLC and in my family there are marriage couples who get their marriage by village matchmakers and by love of each other. The first type of marriage couple is by village mactchmakers.From the story in JLC; when Lindo was at age of two the village matchmakers came to her family and forced her to marry Huang Taitai son, Tyan-yu-tyan.Lindo sacrifice a lot of challenges to keep her parents promise. The village matchmakers said to Huang Taitai ,Lindo is a strong horse, she will grow up to be a hard worker who serves you well in your old age, one who care of old people, and one who would raise proper son. This shows that couples are not know each other, no love, just to satisfy their family cultural marriage law and to keep parents promise. She promised her parents to marry Huang son because there is no permission to marry who you want in the city. But even if Lindo had known she was getting such a bad husband, she had no choice .This indicates how family backward thinking affects marriage. Lindo was always crying, she was not happy.Finaly she get divorce with out breaking her family promise. Likewise, in rural part of my country my uncle gets his marriage couple by his family choice. When they are looking for his wife my uncle was live far to his parents. After the parents finished their choice of marriage, they give him a call to come their home and they tell him that they...
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