Marquex, One of These Days

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  • Published : March 14, 2005
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Research Paper
Marquez, "One of These Days"

Gabriel Garica Marquez wrote "One of These Days" directly about the relationship between middle class and politicians. Marquez wrote this short story to try to tell his readers the reality of power and revenge among people. "One of These Days" would inspire those who are interested to learn more about politicians and how they handle their power, whether they take advantage of their power or not. The story relates to disadvantages and advantages between middle class and politicians.

In the story "One of These Days", Marquez begins with a poor town dentist who is polishing false teeth when the mayor calls him threatening to shoot him if he does not fix his sore tooth. The mayor had been suffering from a five day severely sore tooth ache. So, the mayor finally wins by getting the dentist to fix his tooth. The Mayor arrives to the dentist's office with his left cheek clean-shaved and a five day old beard on the other cheek with a swollen tooth. The dentist examines the mayor's tooth without anesthesia and makes the mayor suffer even more. The dentist had made the mayor suffer for almost a week and suffer even more when he examines him without anesthesia. The dentist finally got his revenge by making the mayor suffer.

The dentist states his reason for making the mayor suffer by saying, "Now you will pay for our twenty dead men." The mayor got up after the dentist removed his tooth and failed to understand his torture of the five previous nights and the examination without anesthesia from the dentist. The mayor told the dentist to send the bill, and the dentist asked "to you or to the town?" The mayor told the dentist, "It's the same damn thing." In the end of the story, the mayor wins by using his political power. The mayor refers him and the town as the "same thing" that his power extends beyond himself. The mayor sees no wrong in what he has done to the past to the dentist or what the dentist is trying to tell...
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