Topics: Altria Group, Marketing, Philip Morris USA Pages: 12 (3180 words) Published: March 17, 2013
OTP report
Philip Morris International

Evelina Stankevic
Killu Aavik
Lena Salcito

Introduction 2
1. Profile organisation3
2.1. Type of organisation3
2.2. Motivation for the choice of company4
2.3. Profile of organisation4

2. Principal information5
3.4. Communication within organisation5
3.5. Fields of communication:5
3.6.1. Public relations6
3.6.2. Marketing communications7
3.6.3. Public affairs7
3.6.4. Crisis management8
3.6.5. What skills are needed?8

3. Visualisation of the Project. Poster and decisions for9

4. Summary/Conclusions9

Reference List10


This report is prepared by first year students, who are studying International Communication in Hanze University of Applied sciences. It is based on the OTP (Orientation to profession) project. This project is provided for students to get some information about the profession opportunities within communication field in different companies. Students form their groups with others and do the research on their chosen company style. Then they need to present them for other students and guests on Presentation Day which takes place on 29th of January, 2013, in Atrium. The aim of this report is to summarize and present the information about one of the biggest international companies, Philip Morris International (PMI), and the communication within it. In addition, it includes a description of some job opportunities within Marketing Communication, Public Affairs, PR (Public relations) and Crisis management fields.


1. Profile organisation

1. 1. Background information type of organisation
The type of organisation which had been chosen by our group was Multinational Company (MNC). Multinational company is one of the biggest types of organisation. It is an enterprise which is situated not only in the organisation’s home country, but also abroad and even in other continents.“Multinational Corporation – MNC” (n.d.) suggests that these companies not only take care of their sales and markets, but also “can have undue political influence over governments”. Philip Morris International (PMI), which parent company is ALTRIA GROUP, is one example of this type of organisation. Although, as Philip Morris International (n.d.) themselves state, the history of this company started in 1847 opening of a single shop on London’s Bond Street, now it is one of the biggest tobacco selling companies in the world and has its offices in every continent. People may know this company for their cigarette brands such as Marlboro, L&M,  Chesterfield, Parliament, Bond Street, Red & White, Partner, etc. In addition, it is one of the most successful companies in the world. Every year, ‘Fortune’ produces a list of 500 successful companies in USA. PMI was ranked 94th in this list, called “Fortune 500” (2009). Legacy tobacco documents library’s site, which allows to view some of the important documents which belong to tobacco companies, has exposed the mission statement of Philip Morris companies based on BRITISH-AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY LIMITE D (1994). Here is the part of its content:

Our Mission is to be the most successful consumer packaged goods company in the world, as demonstrated by our. • Outstanding overall quality of people, products, and business plans and execution • Superior understanding and service of customer and consumer wants and needs • Excellent, growth-driven financial performance

• Honesty, integrity, and responsibility in all aspects of operations. The pursuit of this Mission is intended to benefit our shareholders, our customers and consumers, our employees, and the communities in which we operate . As it can be seen, the mission statement is quite clear and attractive. That is one of...
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