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Part 1

1. Compare alternative definition of marketing
General Definition: Marketing is a people and groups with others by creating and exchanging products and value in order to meet the needs and desires of a kind of society and the management process. To sum up the main has the following categories:

1)As the marketing is a kind of for customer service theory. 2)Emphasis on marketing to social phenomenon is a kind of know 3)Think marketing is through certain sales pipe the production enterprise with market link up process. These definitions in some perspective or in the specific historical stage of development are reasonable. But they seem to more suitable to the consumer goods manufacturing enterprise marketing and is not applicable to service industry or the nonprofit organization. Broadly Defined: Marketing is a person or organization in order to promote the public with related to achieve it of its goal of the use of behavior and all means and methods. This definition to the main body of the marketing not limited to enterprise, but the personal and the political parties, including social charity and public authority and administrative department; "The customer" into "relevant public" even more, can according to different voters, citizen, is containing managers or other levels of groups. "To sell products to promote behavior", which include the public's social and political behavior, including their purchase and consumer behavior; the "profit" to "realize the target", which includes earnings goals also included nonprofit targets. Obviously, this definition is more broad practicability. The basic task of the marketing, is through the efforts to solve the production and consumption of separation, differences and conflicts, make the producers all sorts of different supply and consumers or users all kinds of needs and desires adapt, realize the unification of production and consumption. Thus, market marketing in social production and social need to seek the balance between plays an important role. The above market concept makes us more understanding about the marketing concept. It is to point to related market human activity. That is to meet consumers' needs and desires and the use of market to realize the potential of the exchange activities. It is a kind of social and management of the process. Marketer is engaged in the marketing activity. Marketer may be either the seller, also can be the buyer. As buyer, he tries to sell in the market, in order to get the favor of sellers, so that the buyer or in marketing. When buyers and sellers are in actively seeking exchange, they can be called marketer, saying the marketing for reciprocal market marketing.

Part 2

1. McDonald’s marketing strategy can be analyzed from the 4P: Product (product), price (price), promotion (promotion), location (place) In terms of products, McDonald's will launch hot and fresh for the customer's product, which is made ​​for you model. In terms of price,value for money or effort to achieve value for money. In places, they offer the best location.

In the promotion, the promotion is McDonald's strategy needs to provide 100% of each store is the same time. 1) McDonald's by offering a variety of toys often to attract customers, not only with adults like children are very fond of. 2) McDonald's new marketing tool: an alternative interpretation of mix and match styles, they began to use steam coffee machine, on-site grinding coffee beans, sell various flavors of coffee, tea and pastries. 3) McDonald’s success,...
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