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April 19,
Bottled Water is considered the smallest yet fastest growing and most dynamic segment of the beverage industry. The world bottled water market represents an annual volume of 89 billion liters and is estimated to be worth US$ 22 billion. Western Europeans are the world’s major bottled water consumers with per capita consumption of 85 liters, but the most promising markets are in Asia and the Pacific, with an annual increase of 15% for the period 1999-2001. The average world consumption grows by 7% per annum. The world total bottled water consumption grew from 19.186 billion gallons in 1996 to 30.103 billion gallons in 2001registering a compound annual growth rate of 9.4% during the period. The U.S., Mexico and Western European countries are the leading bottled water consuming countries. 1.2. ASIAN BOTTLED WATER INDUSTRY The bottled water industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Asia. Zenith International, specialist consultants for Asia Bottled Water Association (ABWA) reports stunning growth of 45% since 1998 across 50 countries in Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Total sales reached 25,270 million liters, more than double the level of 1995. The region now represents 23% of global consumption with market value at US$ 4,700 million. 1.3. MAJOR GLOBAL PLAYERS The bottled water market is a lucrative one, dominated by Swiss food giant Nestlé, with a 16.8 per cent share, and France's Danone, which controls about 14 per cent. Nestle has found a growing market niche for bottled water in no industrialized and MARKETING RESEARCH REPORT ON AQUAFINA

April 19,
developing countries where safe tap water is rare. In these countries, its main product line is Nestle pure; a low-cost purified tap water with added minerals. Nestle Pure Life has sold well in Pakistan and Brazil and have some other bottled water products in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico. Besides Nestle, giants of the global food and beverage industry have also become purveyors of bottled water, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Proctor & Gamble. With the entry of the big soft drink giants, market growth is expected to accelerate further. PepsiCo is currently leading the way with its Aquafina line, while Coca-Cola has launched a North American line under the name Dasani in addition to its already established international label, Bon Aqua. 1.4. BOTTLED WATER INDUSTRY IN PAKISTAN Pakistan’s bottled water industry is a rapidly growing segment of the beverages sector. The country’s market is comparatively very small on a global scale and was estimated at 33 million liters a year by end of 19991. However, with swift increase in the number of bottled water producers during the last three years, the country’s market is estimated to have grown to 70 million liters with per capita consumption reaching half a liter. The bottled water market is presently growing at a robust rate of 40% per annum. According to a study compiled in 2001 by Zenith International, specialist consultants for Asia Bottled Water Association (ABWA). Pakistan registered the fastest growth of 140% in 2000 amongst the countries in Asia and Middle East region. (Source: Digest of Industrial Sectors in Pakistan, 2004) MARKETING RESEARCH REPORT ON AQUAFINA

April 19,
Pepsi Co. launched its bottled water brand ‘Aquafina’ in U.S in 1994. In few years, it became one of the leading bottled water brands of the world. Aquafina was competing against bottled water brands such as Culligan, AVA, and Nestle. By 2000 Aquafina was present in more than 30 countries including U.S, Brazil, UK, India etc. Pepsi Co. launched Aquafina in Pakistan in late 2003. The reason for launching Aquafina was the huge market potential for bottled water in Pakistan. Nestle...
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