Marks & Spencer Plan a

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Global warming, Marks & Spencer Pages: 6 (2340 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Effectiveness of PLAN A – Environment
Nowadays, nature problems become serious: environmental pollution and global warming affecting us at any moment, our living place even our life is on the alert. Many of people still believe that it is not in want of pay a close attention of it. But we can discover that global warming is aggravated in early-2006. The situation was unusual and unforeseeable. In 2006, when the climate scientists bring up that, global warming issue is pressing and they predict that the earth would turn into warmer and hotter, but in fact, the climate did not become warmer and hotter obviously. Few years ago, the airports in United Kingdom were paralysis due to early-blizzard; it causes people including tourists and the students who studying abroad have to remain at a place rather unwilling. Through this news, it seems a very few case. But what if the weather kept on extraordinary and it will increase the risk of people who pass through another country by flight, even suspend flight by harsh climate. This news is to remind human to take notice of this problem and to put effort to mend it. For mending global warning, Marks and Spencer carry out Plan A to confront which involved over 100 commitments with measureable target for the aim of moderate the climate issue in both directly and indirectly way. In Plan A report, it shown that M&S food warehouses have reduced water use by 62% per sq. ft. since 2007-2008 and M&S are not aims at energy saving but energy-efficiency, a policy with longsighted. M&S now use CO2 refrigeration systems to reduce harmful emissions and they converted a further 355 to use R407a gas which less damaging than conventional HFC gases as an interim measure and M&S have announced plans to become carbon neutral within 5 years. Plan A brings planets of advantages on improving the environmental issue, also, it makes the reputation of marks and spencer became famous on achieving CSR and ethical performance. In marks and spencer’s sight, it noted that a CSR corporation ‘At the very least, suppliers must meet all relevant local and national regulations. In addition, Marks & Spencer expect them steadily to improve their environmental performance by aiming to comply with international standards.’ Aside from it, recycle and reuse effectively is what M&S doing, they entered into partnerships with four local authorities across the UK to collect an additional 60,000 tones’ of recyclable material from six million people every year by 2015, with approximately 15,000 tones’ of it being diverted back into food packaging and reused by M&S, to improve the packaging material would also lower the operational cost. Plan A creates value on intangible and tangible assets for marks and spencer. Being a corporation which concern environmental problems and reckon on being the matter-of-factly, M&S is aiming to become the world‘s most sustainable retailer by 2015, every decision M&S made most of all are depends on considering of environmental problems and M&S does great credit to themselves by media and scads of highly coveted awards such as The Oracle World Retail Awards which is a global initiative that recognizes and promotes retail excellence and green business awards in 2011. Moreover, M&S is the global 100 most sustainable corporations in the world as M&S participate in carbon neutral.

From the above information, it reveals that Plan A bring positive impacts either environmental problems to earth and Marks and spencer itself, it breaks the hearsay that ‘being a sustainable and responsible on corporate social responsibility company would only bring negative effect like increase expense and lower profit.’ Many of company deemed that it is a multiple-choice question on ‘Growth or Sustainability’, and M&S did a well example on balance these two to survive together. (
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