Marks of Satan

Topics: Conspiracy theory, Critical thinking, English-language films Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Beware: Marks of Satan
The article describing the subconscious penetration of Satan's influences in our daily lives fell short of building a solid argument. Although there were parts of the article that made it interesting, the overall impact was not significant enough to convince me regarding satanic influences. The positives that can be attributed to the article relate to effective use of shock value, relevance to the average reader, and use of credible sources. The article takes the reader by surprise from the start, stating that products we bring into our home could be plagued with the mark of Satan. The author claims that a company like P&G, a well-reputed FMCG has also fallen prey to Satanic penetration. At first glance, all this information seems shocking to a reader not familiar with conspiracy theories to begin with. The writer uses common product categories to convey his argument. He says that jewelry, games, credit-card codes, etc, are all carrying hidden messages. These products, universal in nature, would be relevant to most readers, hence, scoring high in relevance and thus, in conveying the message. Finally, a few credible sources are quoted to show that the author has a well researched argument; The first instance is when the bible is quoted, and later on celebrities such as Alice Cooper are brought up while referring to the use of the Ouija board. All these factors may keep the reader interested in reading throughout the article, however, they do not convince the reader of Satanic influences. There are a few shortcomings in the way the article has been presented; subjectivity, coloring by other conspiracy theories and enforcement of personal opinions. The symbols mentioned in jewelry, games and credit card codes, etc, are subjective in nature and can be interpreted either way. The writer acknowledges this subjectivity and simply writes it off as a testament to his argument. Furthermore, other conspiracy theories that have come up in recent...
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