Marks and Spencer

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MBA 405 - Global Organisational Environment


|1. Abstract |Page 4 | |2. Task 1: Learning log |Page 5 - 12 | |3. Task 1: Summary of academic journal |Page 13 -14 | |4. Task 1: Reference |Page 15 | |5. Task 1: Indexes |PDF file | |6. Task 2: Marks and Spencer operation report |Page 16 - 26 | |7. Task 2: Reference |Page 27 - 28 |


MBA 405 - Global Organisational Environment

Probably everyone will agree that at the beginning of the 21st century, the impact of globalisation on countries, societies, businesses and individuals have been much more evident than ever before. Especially for businesses and organizations, globalization has impacted considerably on the way businesses are operated, managed and developed. Success of businesses and organizations have been so dependent on how well and proactively they have responded to the global organizational environment. This paper captures my learning progress in studying the MBA 405 – Global Organisational Environment through the followings:

Part 1:- a learning log addressing:

1. What I knew about this topic prior to the class and what I wanted to learn?

2. What were the key ideas that I learned from this session?

3. What concepts I found difficult? How am I planning to improve my understanding of these concepts? .
- a summary of key learning points from an academic journal “Impact of globalisation – The ability of less developed countries’ (LDCs) firms to cope with opportunities and challenges”, Awuah G.B. and Amal M. European Business Review, Vol.23 Iss: 1

- a final reflection on the whole module and how will it benefit me as a manager, what I find most difficult and what will I do to address this.

Part 2: an analytical analysis generated from researching available newspapers, online sources, Harrison 2010, on Marks and Spencer Plc successful operation in the UK and overseas focusing on the following issues:

▪ Type of organisation and its scope;
▪ Marks and Spencer purpose and its key stakeholders with regards to their interest/power positions; ▪ Key external environment issues (both general and competitive) impacting Marks and Spencer in 2010 and beyond; ▪ Marks and Spencer market position and its segmentation in 2010; ▪ The key opportunities and threats/challenges facing Marks and Spencer in 2010.

Task 1: Learning log

Session 1

Organisational Forms, Purposes and different types of global business

Before taking the session, I had:

a) a basic understanding of different types of organizations i.e. non-governmental, enterprise, limited company, public company etc…. ;

b) a general knowledge of how to identify stakeholders of an organization;

c) experience in evaluating influence of stakeholders on an organization such as British Council Vietnam.

The session has enabled me to:

a) better understand different types of organizations, their advantages and disadvantages such as “incorporation and limited liability provide legal protection in the event of business failure, whereas sole or joint ownership allow greater freedom of operation and sometimes considerable rewards for successful small business owners” ( Harrison A. 2010, p.8) ;

b) better understand how and to what extent external environment could influence an organisation strategy and performance;

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