Markiting of Amul Ice Cream

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Ice Cream Industry

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Title Industry Analysis Overview Ice Cream Industry Profile Ice Cream Industry Growth Top Ice Cream Companies list Short Profile of Ice Cream Companies SWOT Analysis of Ice Cream Industry Market Share of Ice Cream Industry Conclusion

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Ice Cream Industry
Industry Analysis Overview:
The main objective of industrial analysis is to assess the prospects of various industrial groupings. At any stage in the economy there are some industries which are growing while others are declining, the performance of companies will depend among other things upon the state of the

industry as a whole and the economy. If the industry prosperous, the companies within the company may also be prosperous although a few may be in bad shape. The share price of the company is

empirically found to depend up to 50% on the performance of the industry and economy. To analysis the industrial performance one should follow three steps. Industry life cycle analysis Study of the structure& characteristics of an industry SWOT analysis

1. Industry life cycle analysis:(Product life cycle theory)
Many industrial economists believe that the development of almost every industry may be analyzed in terms of life cycle with four well defined stages.

Pioneering stage :( Introduction stage)
The stage is characterized by introducing of a new product and uptrend in business cycle which encourages new product introductions. Demand keeps on growing at an increasing rate competition is generated by the entry of new firms to grab the market opportunities weaker firms face premature death while stronger over survive to grow and survive. This stage is mainly suitable for a speculator.

Rapid growth stage: (Expansion stage)
Firms which enter in pioneering stage will concentrate on expansion of their sales & profits in this stage. It is suggest to the investor respond quickly & invest more in this stage. The market continues to grow but slowly offering steady and slow growth to sales of industry. It is a phase of consolidation wherein companies establish durable policies relating to dividends and investments.

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Ice Cream Industry
Maturity stage:
This stage show sign of slow progress and also prospects of decay. After enjoying an above average rate of growth during the rapid growth, the industry enters the maturity stage. In this

stage the growth of the industry is more or less developed, it is growth rate is comparable to that of

the economy of a country it is suggested to hold the investment in this period.

Declining stage:
The stage is existed due to the changes in the consumer performance competition from new product etc,. In this stage the industry may grow slightly during prosperous periods, stagnate during normal periods and during recessionary periods.

2. Study of the structure and characteristics of an industry: Since each industry is unique; a systematic study of its specific features and characteristics must be an internal part of the investments decision process. Industry analysis should focus on the


Structure of industry & nature of competition:
(a) The no. of firms in industry & market share of top few firms in the industry. (b) Licensing policy of the government. (c) Entry barriers, if any (d) Pricing policy of the...
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