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Task – 1. A
Definition of operation management
Andrew Greasley defines operation management as“Operation management is essential for all the organization. It will act like bridge between the customers and the top management. It is like heart of the organization. The operation activities will be carried out in the all kind of organization. This activity cannot be avoided. It is all about serving the customers by various activities and delivering the goods and services.” (Cited from: Andrew Greasley, 2006, Operational management, 2nd edition, West Sussex England) The role of the operations management

The operations management plays major three important roles. They are as follows, 1. Implementer
2. Driver
3. Supporter
The first important role of the operation management is they act as an implementer. The functional level people frame the strategies as per the market and organization need. Those strategies will be implemented by the operation management. Implementing the strategies will be done by the operation management as per the direction of the functional level. Driver

The operation management acts as a driver. They help the organization to reach their organizational goals by their operations. The various activities have been carried out by the operation management to reach that ultimate organizational goal. Supporter

The operation management acts as a supporter. The operation management supports the organization by providing various resources like human resources and the information about the market. This will help the organization to reach their ultimate goals and the objectives. The help the organization by implementing the strategies and they will monitor the strategies and they will provide the feedback to the functional level people to make corrective action if required. This will ensure the organization to stick on their aims. Importance of the operation management

1. The operation management will help the organization to implement the strategies effectively. 2. The organization will get the information about the market need and the customer opinion through the operation management. Because they are final resources from the company who stay connected with the customers. 3. The organization’s reputation is depends on the operation management. Because they are operating in the market. 4. The competitor’s strengths and weaknesses will be identified by the top management through the operation management. 5. The top management needs operation management to implement their strategies. 1. B

Company introduction
Toyota automobile was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. It has been separated from the Toyota industry which was founded by his father by 1933. The head quarter of the Toyota is located in Japan. The Toyota is the second largest car manufacturing companies in the world followed by general motors. And they are the seventh largest multinational company in the world. They are very successful in the car manufacturing and sales. They are very well known for their quality systems and monitors. They have widened their operation worldwide. They have the largest manufacturing unit in United States of America and Japan. (Cited from: accessed on 21-07-2010) Toyota strategic objectives

1. Sustainability of employees.
2. Regain the customer’s confidence in the market.
3. Increasing the production and sales to meet the customer standards as well organization. (Cited from: accessed on 21-07-2010)

SWOT Analysis of Toyota
1. The factories which are located in united states and china has a profit rise up in 2005. This was a new investment for Toyota motors. 2. Highly targeted marketing group and the wide range of products and the commitment towards the quality of product. 3. The Toyota has knocked the competition company ford motors in third place by reaching the...
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