Topics: Soy milk, Milk, Calcium Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Slide 1 bìa
Slide 2 As we know, Soy milk is a popular nutritious beverage in the daily life of Vietnamese. In recently, when talking about the safety food issues, soy milk use of transgenic materials is increasing strongly. This gets much more the attention of consumers. Soy milk is very rich in vitamins and energy, but it is not enough. Therefore, we will present the marketing strategy of new product line; new canned soy milk contains many proteins. The product named GoldNutri making from 100% non-transgenic soy beans. Slide 3 outline bài

Slide 4 First, the business targets to the students who use milk as an essential part of the daily meals. Next, products will target to the elder, vegetarians and people with heart-disease.
Slide 5 Soy milk brands canned is mentioned today as Fami, Vfresh, etc. They are quite popular in the market not only by the qualities and designs but also very effective in promotion.
Slide 6 (đọc slide)
Slide 7 Products focused on canned soy milk. Besides soy milk, we also produce some kind of soy milk combined with others flavor such as: chocolate, vanilla
Slide 8 . However, the main purpose of the business is the development the kinds of canned soy milk with 3 “gold standards" in 100ml soy milk Soy milk is made ​​from 100% non-transgenic soybeans
The soymilk contains a lot of proteins
The first soy milk contains Vitamin D and calcium supplements
Slide 9This is procduct’s swot analysis, you can see it in the board.
Slide 10 At this time, the company uses cost and competitive pricing methods when launching new products to the market
The first of 3 months: 3500VND – 2200VND
The next 9 months: 4000VND – 3000VND
Having stable customer base: 5000VND – 3200VND
Slide 11: GoldNutri has implemented the wide distribution strategy for many agents with many intermediate levels. This allows GoldNutri occur in all regions of the country.
The supply-network of GoldNutri is stretching from the north to the south....
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