Markets and Destinations

Topics: Travel, Traveler, Recreation and Sports Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: February 19, 2013
- Include those related to physical rest, sports participation, beach recreation, relaxing, entertainment and other motivators directly connected with health 2. CULTURAL MOTIVATORS
Include the desire to know about other countries-their music, art, folklore, dances, paintings and religion 3. INTERPERSONAL MOTIVATORS
- Pertain to the desire to meet other people, visit friends or relatives, escape from routine, from family and neighbors 4. STATUS AND PRESTIGE MOTIVATORS
Concern ego needs and personal development
Trips to business, conventions, study and pursuit of hobbies and education Travel would enhance one’s recognition and good reputation CLASSIFICATION OF TRAVELERS BASED ON PERSONALITY BY STANLEY PLOG DEPENDABLES

Cautious people
They prefer predictable, routine lives and avoid unusual things or challenging situations When they travel, they favor safe, familiar destinations
VFR travel very much appeals to them
They sometimes visit same places over and over
Bolder people
They like different and challenging things and love to travel to unusual, exotic places They usually prefer independent travel
Ex: visit to Safari in Kenya or Mt. Everest in Nepal
Occupy a psychological middle ground between dependables and venturers Most travelers fall into this category
They like a little adventure in their lives but not too much CLASSIFICATION OF TRAVELERS BASED ON PURPOSE OF TRAVEL
Travel is usually divided into 2 broad categories:
travel for the purpose of enjoyment
Person travels to take a vacation in a resort, to get away from everyday home life and job Travelers are very much concerned with the increase in the price of travel services Cost of travel is usually shouldered by the traveler

Families usually travel as an educational experience to their children to do something different or they use travel to bring the family...
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