Marketing: Toyota Prius

Topics: Toyota Prius, Automobile, Plug-in hybrid Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: February 6, 2013
1. What micro-environmental factors affected both the first generation and second generation models of Toyota Prius? How well has to Toyota dealt with these factors? To readers of this problem have an important starting point the definition of micro-environment. This term is a factor in the marketing environment, its problems, in one way or another, affect the ability of the company, close and direct way to serve its customers. This includes, such as customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders, employees and the media, including the factors. With this in mind, it may be the security status of the micro-environmental factors affect the first and second-generation Toyota Prius customers and competitors.Consumers, natural gas prices, are looking for answers to their prayers. Toyota to give them the answer, the vehicle will allow people to save gas, and provide a good, efficient service. The first generation Prius was released, though not too beautiful or strange, it provides to its will and customer purchase.Other factors, competitors, it is obvious. Everyone wants to share. Honda and other auto manufacturers have begun to develop and / or implementation of the hybrid system on some of their vehicles. Toyota's answer is the continuous development has been the success of the Prius. Developed and released the second generation. This is a new generation of more fuel-efficient. It also includes the more technology advances, more space, and other factors, will allow all types of customers are interested in.

2. Outline the major macro-environmental factors – demographic, economic, natural, political and cultural - that have affected the Prius sales. How well Toyota dealt with each of these factors? Macro-environmental factors of the microenvironment of the impact of larger social forces. Some of these factors is the demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces. With that said, I believe that the macro-environmental factors that...
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