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This work shows the analysis made to the Toshiba Company. We performed an analysis of the 4ps price, product place and promotion taking as a reference the home line laptops offered by Toshiba. At the end of the document there are some marketing strategies and analysis of two segments such as family and students.

Key words: Toshiba, 4ps, segmentation, marketing strategies


Nowadays businesses and industries use computer systems to perform better and people in their workplace and the home, use the computer to perform a number of tasks in an easy, versatile, functional and faster.

For over 125 years, Toshiba has been at the head of the largest and most dynamic organizations of industrial companies in Japan. From power plants and high-speed trains and Japanese mobile phones submicron technologies, Toshiba is known worldwide for the sophistication of their TVs, laptops, and DVD players and complementary electronic devices. With an avalanche technology from over 30 different laboratories of R & D and over 300 subsidiaries worldwide, our profile elevates us and our technology leadership has placed us on countless occasions in the top of the world.

Despite the global prestige has provided our excellence in R & D, working with other global branches to remain at the forefront of development and be present in key sectorial markets. NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and IBM are just some of the companies with which we have recently signed partnerships. From the beginning as electrical machinery manufacturers in 1875 to our current preeminence in high-tech world, we have been guided by a universal scale of values ​​that is lying on the essence of our identity: "Committed to People, Committed to the Future”.

In Japan, Toshiba supply more than 70% of basic electrical devices "Tsubame", the high speed train to Kyushu. Further evidence of our growing ability to provide safe transportation with maximum speed and unpublished.

Toshiba is one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world, inventor and world leader in NAND flash memory. Toshiba NAND chips are used for several types of memory cards such as SD ™, Smart Media ™ and CompactFlash ™. The company is also owns more patents than any other technology provider equipment.

Ranked among the top in the world, our branch dedicated to power systems will improve in the near future its global market presence. Toshiba responded to more than 15% of world orders for steam turbines in 2003. (2012).


In the case of Toshiba we have chosen the line of laptops. Inside the Toshiba laptop line is offering two versions: Pro and Home. Business Line Toshiba focuses on high performance products such as 4-processor servers that offer the best performance for enterprise. Among its products are portable devices such as tablets, notebooks, pc-s and servers. 3 g feature for notebook computers and tablets to enable users to conduct business anywhere. The home line is focused on entertainment products, highlighting the sound system, screen, and peripheral devices. Within this range are laptops, tablets and PCs. An important part is that the home line products are not as powerful as the business, but they have an excellent multimedia performance. In this paper we will focus specifically on line home laptops. This line will be evaluated according to the vision of marketing focused on the 4 p´s product, place, price and promotion. (2012)


Toshiba home line products are concentrated in home entertainment. Focused on home entertainment provides a better viewing experience across screens of high definition that allows the consumer to enjoy movies and pictures in high definition.

Another feature of the home line is that the consumer can choose between different designs and styles...
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