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* During the end of 1990, Mr. R Saxena, Marketing Manager of National Publishing Company, was considering alternative strategies to improve the sales of, a children’s fortnightly vernacular magazine “TITLI” * Three factors were particularly worrying for Saxena

* The products of the National Publishing Company were distributed through a system of agents and sub-agents located in all important places in the state. The company had a network of around 3000 agents. * Titli was priced at Rs.2 per copy.

* In 1990 estimated number of households in the state were Titli was published was estimated to be about 52.35 lakh. * In 1989 Titli’s share rose to 47%. The closet follower share was about 14% and the rest of the publication shared the remaining 39%. * The survey was conducted among households with monthly income of above Rs.750 having children in the age group of 3-14 years. The sample size for the survey was around 3500 respondents representing. * High degree of awareness of Titli, 76% of them mentioned the magazine spontaneously whereas only 31% were spontaneously aware of another competing publication Petals, yet another competitor Little Flower, received an un-aided awareness level of 19%. * 55% of Titli buyers did not buy any other magazine whereas among the buyers of all other magazines, more than 80% also bought Titli. * 33% of household having monthly income up to Rs.1000 purchased anyone of the vernacular magazine and only 4% of English magazine. 61% of household with monthly income up to Rs.4000 purchased a vernacular magazine and about 29% of English magazine. * Age group of 6-11 constituted about 54% of reader of Titli and age group of 6-14 constituted about 90 % * The most liked feature by the parent are picture stories like “Friendly Ghost ”, “Magic Monkey” and “Detective Stories ” were most popular in children. * The leisure habits of children are entertained through television, playing with toys. And...
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