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First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Allah the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to perform and successfully completing the term paper.

I acknowledge my heartiest due to our honorable course instructor Md. Khairul Islam, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Studies, Dhaka International University for giving me the opportunity to carry out this report. His valuable advice and guideline helped me a lot in preparing this report successfully. Otherwise the task of preparing this report would have been harder in part.

Secondly, I like to convey my gratitude and thanks to the Personnel of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. for providing me the required data, support and suggestions regarding this Report.

Executive Summary

This report details about a leading Pharmaceutical company of Bangladesh named Incepta Pharmaceuticals. The report outlines the background of the company with the production and marketing practices. Incepta Pharmaceuticals is one of the renowned companies in Bangladesh. It starts it work from 1999 and till the company is in the leading position. The company has a clear vision and its mission is to fulfill their vision. The company has level of management and these different level managers work together to improve the present condition of the company. Incepta produces various kinds of medicines and now the company is exporting medicines to 35 countries. Incepta also maintain their social responsibilities for the betterment of Bangladesh.

Objectives of the Report

The main objectives of the study are to learn how to prepare a report. Our honorable course teacher assigns us to prepare this report so that in the job market we can perform effectively and efficiently and also enlighten the goodwill of our university as well as our teachers. Other objectives of this report are: • To share the lesson learns.

• To inform about the progress.
• To analyze the inputs against the outputs.
• To communicate the changes.
• Analyze the recommendations.
• Risk reduction preparation.
• To plan accordingly for up-coming period.
• To take quick decisions.

Methodology of the Report

For smooth and accurate study everyone have to follow some rules & regulation. The study impute were collected from two sources. The sources are i. Primary sources
ii. Secondary sources

Primary sources:
Primary sources of information are those that provide first-hand accounts of the events, practices, or conditions. In general, these are documents that were created by the witnesses or first recorders of these events at about the time they occurred. These information are collected from:  • Practical desk work    

• Face to face conversation with the officer   
• Direct observations
• Face to face conversation with the client

Secondary sources:
Second-hand, published accounts are called secondary sources. They are called secondary sources because they are created after primary sources and they often use or talk about primary sources. Secondary sources can give additional opinions on a past event or on a primary source. Secondary sources often have many copies which we collected from:   • Annual report of companies

• Various publications of companies,
• Website

Limitations of the Study
The study is mainly based on secondary data. The study is confined to only one manufacturing firm that is categorized into miscellaneous manufacturing firm. The study is limited to corporate firms as treated as a case study. In the absence of more reliable and available data, this study is under taken only for short periods. This study leaves a short-run coverage of periods sample for want to studying the immediate impact of changes in companies as it was intended for long-run analysis.

Review of Related Literature

Analysis of Data
About Incepta...
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