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Executive Summary

Tablet PC has been advertised as the wave of the future for reading, gaming, and media consumption for quite some time now. However, the idea of Tablet PC has not been as popular or widely accepted in our country because of the sky-scraping price. Our company, Zeus Technologynology is preparing to commence a new, innovative and cost-effective line of tablet computers. Our product will propose a competitively exclusive amalgamation of next generation features with reasonable price bar. We are targeting specific yet mass segments in the consumer market. In addition, we are planning to take advantage of the ever increasing demand for low-priced Tablet PC. A wide range of tablet computers are available from major CE manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Acer, Sony and Blackberry. But because of high price range, products these companies offer are not easy to buy for the general people and students of Bangladesh. Hence, our preliminary objective is to provide sustainable, advanced and reasonably priced Tablet PC to the general public.

Our basic aim is to attain first year BD sales of 35,000 units. We will importing our PC from China’s renowned Tablet PC maker and will be selling those in our local market. We will offer exclusive one year warranty and two years after sales services with our product. Considering the fragile economical condition of Bangladesh, our main marketing objective is to make students, middle class family and business as our valued customers. In conclusion, we want to state that we are planning to bring about a revolution in Bangladeshi people by launching our product.

Current Market Situation

Zeus Technologynologies established 3 months ago by six enthusiastic entrepreneurs with experience in the technology sector. It is about to cross the threshold by introducing the new series of Tablet PC. Aforementioned, that tablet computers are designed and marketed primarily as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, apps and web content. Its size and weight fall between those of contemporary smart phones and laptop computers. This is very constructive and handy electronics device for students, job holders and businessman. A wide range of tablet computers are available from major CE manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Acer, Sony and Blackberry. In our country however because of high price range of Tablet PC it is quite impossible to integrate this helpful device with our day to day life. Thus, our products main feature includes an affordable price range for everyone. As our rivals offered price is missing the affordability, it will be trouble-free for us to penetrate the market. However, there is an obstacle. As we all know that Chinese products are notorious for their short term durability. To overcome this situation we are offering a stable warranty with our each product which symbolizes the stability of our product.

Though competition among the tab makers is not that intense because of lack of interest of buyers, it is quite hard to penetrate into the small business market of Tablet PC. In contrast to this, as we mentioned before that those Tablet PCs are high in price. Hence, there is a high probability that people will widely accept our products as they are low in price.

Market Description

Business Pundits has predicted that the next era will be the epoch of Tablet PC. Considering this fact, Zeus Technologynologies targeting various kinds of consumer to utilize our product. We like to provide our consumer an interactive experience of communication, information storage and exchange, and entertainments in one go. We specified our targeted consumers and segmented them. This segment includes Students, Professionals, Teachers, Entrepreneurs and Corporate users. Our buyers can pick between three models based different configuration. In our very first we are offering three types of Z-Tabs (name of our product). They are Z-Tab...
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