Marketing Techniques P1 M1 Unit 3

Topics: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Marketing Pages: 5 (1070 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Marketing Techniques P1 & M1

1. Examine the marketing techniques below, explain how each of the businesses utilise these marketing techniques to market their products (look at news articles for both businesses)

|Marketing Techniques |Business1:Coca-Cola |Business2:Mc Donald’s | | | | | |Growth Strategies | | | |(Ansoff) |Coca cola have different growth strategies |Under the ansoff matrix mc Donald’s | | |for example they do a lot of market |have gone through different growth | | |penetration which involves redesigning the |strategies similar to coca cola to be | | |existing products to attract a different |where they are now they have done this| | |target market and to make customers realise |through market penetration for example| | |that its new and want to try it , Coca cola |offering up to date toys in happy | | |have developed within the markets they sell |meals adding bigger burgers to the | | |in by expanding worldwide from starting off |pound saver menu laying out more a | | |in the USA , Coca cola have utilised product |variety and bringing out different | | |development through many different products |limited edition burgers for a period | | |for example Fanta was born around 80 years |of time , market development where mc | | |ago, It's available in over 90 flavours in |Donald’s have brought out cafes which | | |around 180 countries, they made their First |appeal to more elderly people and how | | |sugar-free version of the drink, 'Diet Fanta |they have expanded worldwide, For | | |Orange' released in 1997 and then their New,|product development McDonald's | | |improved-tasting 'Fanta Orange Zero' in 2004.|introduced salads in their stores in | | |For market penetration target audience |order to retain its existing | | |appears to be everyone who wants things to be|customers, many of whom were becoming | | |better, but more specifically the younger |more health conscious. Salads are | | |generation. The people who dance around in |exactly opposite of what McDonald's is| | |the ad are young and good looking. Coca-Cola |known for! However, regulatory | | |wants you to think that so that you will buy |pressures, changing consumer | | |coke in order to be like the people in the |behaviour, and negative media coverage| | |ad. The song is also up beat creating the |forced them to introduce more healthy | | |person to dance around, which is usually |choices on the menu. They have also | | |linked to a younger age group. Everyone wants|developed through the market by | |...
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